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Ideal Protein Non Restricted Wrap


– IP Potato Puree Pkg

-75mls water


Mix water with potato puree, and spread in a preheated pan on medium heat.

Flip once the bottom has set.

Fill with your favorite ingredients.

*this is the simplest recipe ever!  I added some spices in with the potato but that was personal preference.  I filled it with cucumber, peppers, onions and tomato and tossed the veggies in a bit of olive oil, lemon juice & mrs. dash.  The bread is mild in taste but thick enough to hold a lot of veggies.  It literally took me about 5 minutes from start to finish.

*not sure where this recipe originated but just wanted to point out that it’s not mine, but the terrible picture taken with my iPhone unfortunately is accredited to the fat kid =)


Update – I had a fat kid idea…I turned this into a cheesy flat bread using 1/2 oz of low fat cheddar & some seasonings mixed in to the bread batter, then just let it get crispy on each side and enjoyed it hot along side my salad for lunch and it was soooo tasty!

And another fat kid idea – I added a finely sliced scallion, some onion seasoning, salt & pepper to the puree and turned it into a green onion cake!



9 Responses to “Ideal Protein Non Restricted Wrap”

  • Amber :

    This recipe is awesome! Thank you so much for posting this!

  • Melissa :

    Looks awesome / making now!

    Also, are potato purees on the restricted list? I thought my coach said they were, but it doesn’t seem like that should be so.

    Kindest regards,

  • Alyssa :

    My boyfriend was eating a wrap last night and I was so jealous. I am so glad that this exists! Thanks

  • Jackie :

    I tried this or dinner with shredded chicken taco wraps it worked real good and tasted fine

  • DanteNanook :

    Soooo good! I packed it with veggies and used walden farms chipotle mayo- it was delicious and took away my bread craving! Thanks so much!

    Do you know if it is still good a few hours later? I want to make it in the morning and take it to work.

  • Kiki :

    This is so easy and so good! It’s nice to make a lunch sandwich finally. I made two and ate one right away. I stored the other one overnight in a ziploc and it was fine by lunch the next day. Winner! I love how simple it is, and that it only uses one packet.

  • Melanie :

    I add a tablespoon of broccoli cheese soup to this. It is so helpful to have variety.

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