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Exposed Movement

A great blogger named Mishe at started a movement called Exposed and I think she’s wonderful.

Exposed is about celebrating your body and everything it can do for you rather than berating the things you hate about it. It’s about changing the way you feel about your body image and looking at yourself and your accomplishments in a positive light.

People all over the world have Exposed themselves on their blogs and I think it’s beautiful. Most recently a very brave and wonderful guy, Kepa from Fat Lazy Guy, exposed himself and I just wanted to send him some props for losing over 285 lbs and even though he’s struggling with his body image and with his self worth he decided to say F@*K You Self and he exposed himself. I think he’s amazing and a personal inspiration to me and I hope one day to be as successful in my journey as he’s been, I hope one day to be brave enough to expose myself.

The fat kid isn’t there yet, but maybe one day.

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