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So much to say…but not really because it’s all the same.

IMG_0653I have been back on the Ideal Protein program since January 1st of this year; I’m down 39 lbs and counting, which is good but it’s pretty much the same post all the time…isn’t it? Blah blah blah, on program, blah blah blah…recommit, blah blah blah.

I can feel a shift though, which is interesting. Instead of feeling resigned to low carb I feel like I’m embracing it as a long term lifestyle instead of just a means to an end. I think that’s the shift that needed to happen for me, because before it was always just waiting to NOT be doing this…just waiting for bread and all things delicious to be back in my life. I realize now that as long as I look at “low carb” as a diet instead of a way of life I’m always going to end up in the same place.

What’s the definition of crazy again?

I have some new recipes in the works; most of them involve zucchini because I write about what I’m in to and I’m real deep in a love affair with Zoodles right now. I have a yummy Summer Zoodle Salad, a Sesame Chicken Zoodle Stirfry & Even Zoodles & Bolognaise on deck right now…is there any one in particular you’d like to see first?

Deviled Eggs

Dear Deviled Eggs – I love you.

Seriously though – how much do I love deviled eggs? I eat them at LEAST twice a week, they are so easy to make AND you canAvocado Deviled Egg make all different kinds.  One of my favourite Deviled Egg concoctions includes avocado and they are so super tasty. Do you have a favourite??


2 eggs, hard boiled, yolks separated from white

1/4 avocado

sploosh* of Franks Red Hot

Salt & Pepper

Garnish of choice – pimento, pickled jalapeno, bacon….your call!

(these directions are super technical, using really important cooking terms like smoooosh so pay close attention):

– put the yolks, avocado, sploosh of franks and salt and pepper in a sandwich bag and smoooosh it all up until it’s a nice, well blended filling with a nice creamy texture.

– squish it all in to one of the bottom corners of the baggy

– Snip a tiny tip in the end of the baggy and squeeze out the filling evenly between the 4 egg whites

– Top with garnish of choice – I like bacon or pimentos or even pickled jalapenos

– Enjoy!

*a sploosh means use however much you like depending how spicy you like it!

I know, you’re crying out FAT KID, take pictures of this stuff so I can follow it step by step and I hear ya, but normally they get in my belly so fast I barely even have time to take a picture of the finished product…so you’re lucky you got that! One day I’ll be a good blogger…I hope.

Greetings from a Yoga No-BODY.

I’m going to an Intro to yoga session tonight at Above Average Yoga and I have to be honest I’m a bit nervous. I got passionate about yoga for about a week, back in 2007; I found a cheap yoga DVD in the clearance bin at Walmart brought it home and decided YES!! I will becoming a Yogi Master. I remember staying up late one night, reading someone’s blog and deciding I’m going to just really embrace Yoga, I’m feeling the calling; I even ordered a yoga cookbook…it’s true – I still have it and it’s full of weird healthy vegetarian recipes I will  NEVER eat. While I waited for the cookbook to arrive I lost interest in yoga and my “found it for a great deal at Winners it must be fate” yoga mat ended up in the back of the closet and the closest to Yogi Master I ever became is stealing picnic baskets full of yummy food like Yogi Bear.

Fast forwards about 8 years, I have two kids a busy life and I am finding myself feeling old. I get up in the morning and I’m already sore and tired; I think my grandpa could beat me down the stairs in a race. I am starting to realize that I need to get in touch with my body, I need to treat it a lot better than I have been because while I might feel old, this body has a lot of living left to do and I don’t want to spend it feeling like this. I think offering Yoga for beginners is a fantastic idea, I think offering Yoga for beginners who don’t already have a “yoga body” is even more amazing because I know that is what has kept me from being brave and walking in to a yoga studio.  In general I’m not self conscious, but throw me in some work out gear with a bunch of thin bendy women and suddenly all I can think about is how I’m not them and maybe I should just stay home. I know yoga is a great avenue for a healthy mind and body and everyone is going to benefit from it bu,t I also know I want a safe place to explore it and from what I am reading about this studio I really feel that this might be that place.

I am sitting outside Above Average taking some deep breaths, thinking WHAT have I got myself in to… I KNOW this is a body positive studio so I can do this right?! I take one last deep breath and think it’s now or never, I’m going in. I was greeted by Trista who is super friendly and welcoming, there is green tea brewing and a nice comfy couch to sit on and fill out my waiver form. Tonight is just an info session so it’s totally not necessary to fill a waiver in but why not, I’m coming back to ACTUALLY do some yoga right…RIGHT?!

I look around and there are people just like me coming in the doorway, some with limited mobility, some with imperfect yoga bodies and I feel at ease, that tension I had been holding starts to leave my body and I think to myself I really do belong here, I don’t feel weird or self-conscious at all. The previous yoga session lets out and normal looking people of all sizes and ages start walking out of the room and they all seem super happy and relaxed, not one of them had a yoga body, not one of them gave me that look…you know the one…the what are YOU doing here look…

The actual info session was great, we went in the actual studio and the owner, Trista, took some time to talk about herself and how Above Average Yoga came to be, and why it’s different from all the other studios out there; she also talked about different yoga terms, the different classes available and she even walked through each of the props and what they are for and how they can help those of us with limited mobility or the inability to reach the floor etc. To top it all off we all got a FREE pass to attend any yoga class offered at the studio and you know what…I’m actually excited to come back and try one out! Stay tuned because this yoga no-BODY is likely going to blog about that too!!

9 Great Ideas for Low Carb Entertaining

Have you been invited out to a pot luck and dread what there will be to eat, lined your pockets with beef jerky and thrown hard boiled eggs in your purse for just in casepotluck-etiquette?  Or having friends over and you want to serve them things you can eat too but don’t want to make it obvious that you’re low carb?  I always seem to be caught in that awkward position of standing around shuffling food on my paper plate, just pretending it’s sooo good. Sometimes being low carb is hard especially when you in a social setting; I have a list of go to low carb dishes to serve to your friends or take to a potluck that won’t have people rolling their eyes about your low carb offerings because lets be honest not everyone thinks pork rinds are amazing.

1. Chicken wings – who doesn’t love chicken wings other than my bestie, and it’s only because she’s whimpy and won’t eat meat off the bone but we don’t count her because she’s clearly not worth mentioning due to her lack of chicken wing love.  (note to self, look for new tough chicken wing eating best friend).  You can find my delicious CRISPY chicken wing recipe here:  Fat Kid Chicken Wings

2. Meatballs – you can pretty take any ground meat and add in any flavour profile you want and make it in to a meatball – add a toothpick and a dipping sauce and my friends you have yourself a delicious low carb appetizer to share with friends!  I am always creeping Pinterest and the interweb for the next tasty meatball.  Check out my Low Carb Meatball recipe collection on Pinterest

3. Sausage Cheese & Pickles – heck you could even get fancy and throw some nuts, olives and cured meats on there and call it a Charcuterie Platter

4. Faux-Tato Salad – You can make a mock potato salad using turnip or cauliflower and it’s so delicious you won’t miss the real thing and nor will your friends!  I have some fantastic faux-tato salad recipes on my Low Carb Pinterest board and soon I will be blogging about it because as I write about it my mouth is watering and I know I need to make some soon!

5. Stuffed Mushroom caps – now I am NOT the expert on stuffed mushroom caps because no matter how much I try I cannot get behind the fungi.  I am sure you can find lots of great recipes on the interwebs or the Pinterest though and I know other people really love them a lot!  You can never go wrong with a recipe from I breathe, I’m Hungry so I will leave you with her Chorizo, Spinach & Manchego Stuffed Mushrooms as I’m sure they are delish!

6.  Deviled Eggs – I like all kinds of Deviled eggs, Jalapeno Popper ones, ones with bacon, ones with avocado, ones with avocado AND bacon…you get my drift!! Deviled eggs are a bridge to snacking between low carbers and non-low carbers because who doesn’t love a deviled egg!?  You can find basic and amped up deviled egg recipes all on my low carb Pinterest board if you need ideas!

7. Jalapeno Poppers – it’s cream cheese, jalapenos and bacon…need I say more?

8. Scotch Eggs – One of my favourite Christmas memories is my mum’s scotch eggs.  A hard boiled egg wrapped in delicious sausage meat with a crispy meaty outside and a gorgeous soft egg inside, some people think they are weird but almost everyone who tastes one falls in love.  For a low carb friendly version I go to the Well Fed Cookbook from author Melissa over at the Clothes Make the Girl – check out her YUMMY Scotch Egg Recipe.

9. Shrimp – Whether it be shrimp with low carb cocktail sauce  or Bacon Wrapped Shrimp or Coconut Shrimp you’ll be the hit of the party if you bring shrimp!

Do you have a favourite low carb recipe for entertaining?    If you don’t, any one of these will leave you feeling like you’re one of the gang at the party and if you do – share below so I can feel like I belong at the party too…help a fat kid out!

Buffalo Chicken Sliders – Fat Kid Style

I posted a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Sliders a long time ago but started eating them before I realized how good they were (a bloggers nightmare #thestruggleisreal) so I blogged the recipe but didn’t have a picture to add and lets be honest a picture makes or breaks a recipe! …anyway, the other day I was making them and since I was thinking about blogging again I thought I should take a picture so that in the eventuality that I DID start blogging I could share the recipe and the picture, well lovely readers today is your lucky day because I am blogging and have a picture!  Without further ado please enjoy once again my Buffalo Chicken Slider recipe complete with picture:



1  onion, finely diced

1 red bell pepper, finely diced

1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 lb  Lean ground chicken breast

4 Tbsp Franks Red hot sauce

1/4 tsp  salt

Crumbled Goat or Blue Cheese (if desired)


1.  Heat 1/2 Tbsp Olive Oil in a saute pan. Add onion, red bell pepper, cook stirring occasionally, until vegetables are tender, about

 8 minutes.

2. Transfer to large bowl and let cool 10 minutes. Add ground chicken breast, franks red hot sauce, and salt; mix well. Using a burger press form your sliders using approx 4 tbsp of mixture per burger.  (You can also form them by hand, just make sure you have wet hands to avoid the mixture sticking).

*Serve on romaine lettuce leaves to keep it low carb or on slider buns for the rest of the family.  

TIPS: Place formed burgers on parchment or wax paper and store in fridge overnight (or throw in freezer for a few hours) to firm up and bind.   This step is essential to avoid burgers falling apart on grill.  We  serve them with tomatoes, onions & pickles and they are over the top super delicious.  

3. Take you sliders out of refrigerator and place on the grill over medium to low heat as they are going to cook very fast, on my BBQ they are about 4 minutes per side but of course we are talking raw chicken so use a meat thermometer!

4. Crumble goat cheese on the top and let it warm through before serving.  (Goat or blue cheese is optional but super tasty so not optional)  We like to serve ours with tomatoes onions and pickles!

*Serve on romaine lettuce leaves to keep it low carb or on slider buns for the rest of the family.

…next time maybe I’ll even take some pictures while I’m making them…baby steps people, baby steps.



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